To set the world on fire with ZUU’s passion


To create a platform to allow 9 billion users to have equal access to learning and opportunities to compete
and challenge their dreams compete and challenge their dreams

ZUU’s mission is to create a platform where people from all over the world could continuously make
the greatest efforts to achieve their dreams and goals.

Having a dream and a goal motivates us.
We may face a series of hardships while working towards our dreams and goals; however we will find it
the most fulfilling time of our lives in retrospect.

This principle never changes and it is important to keep our dreams and goals defined at all times.
That is why ZUU has no hesitation in making every effort to stick to its goal – To set the world on fire
with ZUU’s passion!


Year 2038 – Grow into one of the top global companies with a market value of $830 billion (¥100trillion)

Established in 2013, ZUU has the ambition to position itself as the largest company in global market capitalization by 2038.
ZUU aims to grow predominantly and rapidly expanding its business domestically and internationally.
As the first step, ZUU has undertaken the task of creating a ‘Competition Platform’ where every user is given an equal opportunity to have their abilities valued as well as the ability to challenge the ‘Finance x IT’ market.


To achieve ZUU’s ‘MISSON’ and ‘VISION’, ZUU defines 5 specific values for the staff to respect.


Because ZUU’s aim is to become ‘the most extraordinary company that sits on top of the world’ with a market value of $830 billion (¥100 trillion),
ZUU IS 『EXTRAORDINARY』 in absolutely every day-to-day occurrence – and that is how ZUU intends to do business.

ZUU sees its business from medium- and long-term perspectives and attempts to find ways to,
for example, expand its business from $ 830 thousand (¥100 million) to £830 million (¥100 billion) provide service that can gain 1000 more users,
and scale up individual project performance by 1000%.

ZUU always thinks on an unprecedented scale and transforms itself while improving its service.
ZUU regards successful results without much surprise because ZUU is never satisfied.
ZUU believes that world-changing-service can be created through the accumulation of ideas over time.

All members are Founders

ZUU creates new business and finds new value in business on a daily basis.
All the ZUU members are creators with conceptual independence who never have a break from finding a way to create new value.
ZUU discusses with the world, listens to the voice in the market and creates new business from scratch.
ZUU may not be for everyone – especially those who have some kind of obligation to their organizations and prefer to belong to them.
To that degree, ZUU hopes to be a strongly independent organization where people with creative spirits are given opportunities to grow together.
We believe that securing such highly-motivated people will enable ZUU to get a step closer to the world’s No.1 company.


Although ZUU isn’t in the position to be fully recognised by the entire world for its ability yet,
it is certain ZUU and its staff have the highest abilities in improving products
because ZUU shrinks time scales for improvement in comparison to competitors.
To achieve a goal within half a week instead of a week,
to get the output within a day instead of 3 days,
ZUU undertakes tasks focusing on the output,
makes adjustments where necessary while still working on them and delivers results in a short time.
ZUU is aware that it is possible to make significant improvement by repeating PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) cycle rapidly and to see a vision of the future.

Focus On Users

ZUU aims to become the greatest global marketing company and makes decisions focusing on users.
ZUU treats all users and all clients as customers and with the greatest respect.
After all, no products or revenue models would have significance without support from users.
ZUU needs to exceed users’ expectations and provide benefit to their life to satisfy them.
That is why ZUU focuses on its users to keep producing service.

Going merry!!

ZUU seeks an extraordinary level of ‘Merry (cheer, life, festivity and enjoyment)’ in the process of reaching its goal to grow into the world’s No.1 Company.
ZUU treats all users and all clients as customers and with the greatest respect. After all,
Work takes up a substantial part of life and ZUU believes connecting fun activities and good humour with work can benefit our lives.
The key point is a good balance of hard work and a sense of fun. Let’s create ‘Fun’ together which should help accomplish ZUU’s vison more swiftly.

yamagamiZUU’S VISION