ZUU expects staff to commit themselves to its high performance work system specifying 『VALUE』,leading to 『MISSION』and『VISION』.

MEP(Most Extraordinary! Player)

ZUU sets up a programme to reward performance and motivate the staff on individual and/or group levels. Every month, member(s) will be picked up as 『MEP』 for their extraordinary innovation and contributions to ZUU.





All members are Founders

Massive Motivational Power To Run Business

All the members of ZUU work with at least one project, taking responsibility regardless of their age, nationality or gender. They take many possibilities into account while defining the nature of the project and its scope and do their absolute best to get the desired result. ZUU radiates massive motivational power, created by people with a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism and is valued for its challenging yet pleasant working environment.



The Work Awareness Sheet

We can easily get carried away with long busy days at work resulting in underperformance. All the members of ZUU are expected to fill in『 The Work Awareness Sheet』to look back over the accomplishments of their work on a regular basis to clarify their responsibilities and attitude towards work as well as to improve their performance.


Half-A-Week MTG

ZUU has a general meeting twice a week to establish a system that achieves quicker results (by more than half) reducing turnaround from 3 days to 1 day. During the meeting, all the members of ZUU are expected to share what they have learnt from repeating the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle rapidly and then verify their results MTG also serves the purpose of tracking their work progress, whether any adjustment is necessary or not, in order to assure their work contributes in creating synergies in the entire organization.

Focus on User
Speed Up the MVP Process

When it comes to developing a new product, ZUU concentrates on one thing only; users’ demands. Once MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is established, ZUU tests it out on users for feedback and makes necessary changes or even scraps the whole idea based on their needs. None of ZUU’s products will be released without going through this essential process. What makes ZUU so unique is that it completes the early stage of the MVP process in 3 days rather than a standard cycle of 2 weeks. Speeding up the process has allowed ZUU to gain more than most – we managed to release an impressive 10 products followed by an increasing number of users in the first year!

Going merry!!


Nomad Day

All the members of ZUU enjoy 『Nomad Day』once a month that allows them to work from wherever they like. Chat Work or Video Chat is used for communication throughout the day. Working in a different environment offers many benefits such as speeding up their projects and stimulating their creativity leading to a new innovative idea. It also helps them to relax which greatly improves productivity.



English Lunch

ZUU also offers monthly 『English Lunch』to improve ZUU staff’s aspiration. All the members talk in English with Lunch. A member present about one theme. The other members ask the presenter and talk.This special day brings successful results by increasing awareness of globalisation in the staff – some of them even get into learning mode.


Remote Work Day (Only For The Development Team)

The 『Remote Work Day』has been set up upon request from the development team. It is a fairly new system that gives them time to concentrate and maximise productivity without lowering output. This can be achieved only by a strongly independent team like them. ZUU is keen to offer a positive work environment where each individual can maximise their performance while enjoying precious time in private.


English BGM At Work

The Staff work while listening to the US cable net work『CNN/US』loved by 100 million families over there. It certainly contributes towards a sense of globalisation both individually and communally. They find it very helpful in obtaining the latest global news and finance related information as well as coming up with new ideas for their work.