A FinTech platform

One of the reasons why people’s anxiety about money has not been resolved is because of the structural problems in the finance industry. Financial information has been monopolised and kept secret by major financial institutions. Knowledge about finance has not been circulated among individuals. As a result, despite the fact that individuals have paid high fees to financial institutions in the past, anxiety about money has not been resolved. This problem exists not only in Japan but also in Western countries. In order to improve this situation, in order to eliminate individuals’ anxiety about money, we provide information about money which has previously been disclosed only to financial institutions. Through the FinTech platform, everyone will be able to improve their financial literacy, their understanding of money. By improving money literacy, anxiety around money will disappear and everyone in the world will be able to achieve more. This is our company's concept..


  • ZUU online
    Financial Media「ZUU online」is established by Tomita CEO with the aim of providing financial information, that is often only possible to obtain through private bankers, to executives who hold financial asset of more than ¥30 million. Tomita CEO joined the Wealth Management Department in Nomura Securities Co. Ltd and was responsible for asset consulting aimed at premium customers with their private assets of over ¥ 1 billion.
  • ZUU online SINGAPORE
    ZUU Online, the leading Asian finance education portal, is bridging the gap between the asymmetry of information between individual investors and the financial industry.
  • CFO note
    Supports Japan-based enterprise managers who wish to gain deeper financial knowledge through information regarding finance, legal functions, corporate financing and economy.