Kazumasa Tomita – ZUU Co. Ltd CEO/Founder

Born in Kanagawa. Started a social networking company while still studying at Hitotsubashi University. Upon graduation in 2006, joined the business expansion department at Nomura Securities. Won the top sales executive award within two years (2008&2009) and was also the youngest honoree in Nomura history. After joining the private banking department for the ultra-wealthy clients as the youngest staff, moved to Singapore and Thailand a year later. Was in charge of asset management consultancy for ultra-high net worth individuals whose assets equated to ¥ 10 billion. In March 2013, resigned from Nomura Securities and started running ZUU Co. Ltd until now.BlogTwitter


Yusuke Harada – Director/COO

Born in Tokyo. Joined a management consulting firm straight after leaving Waseda University in 2008. Moved to DeNA in 2011 to use his consulting skills for improvement and development of social games and process. Contributed to the production of games worth hundreds of million yen monthly. Later experienced group manager’s position in DeNa, commenced working with ZUU Co. Ltd. as an executive in 2014.


Akihiro Ihchimura – Marketing Executive Chief Officer

Born in Tokyo. Obtained a law degree from Seikei University. Joined Daiwa Securities Group in 1993, conducted marketing activities targeting the rich and small to mid-sized enterprises with the top-class positive operation results in Japan and in his 3rd year, won No.1’s position. 3 years after he moved to Matsui Securities Co., Ltd in 2001, became the youngest chief of the Sales Promotion Department. Stepped up to the director’s position in 2006. Has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources Development , leading over 500 subordinates in the highly professionalised financial sector.


Keisuke Fukada – 
Director of Strategy Business

Born in Kyoto. After graduating London School of Economics, worked in US & Japanese top-tier investment bank for nearly 15 years. Was mainly in charge of M&A advisory (including cross-border transactions), Equity & Debt financing arrangement, and financial/business/IR strategic advisory services. Later, joined ZUU Co., Ltd. as Director in mid. 2016.


Anis Uzzaman  – Non Management Director

Runs a started up Silicon Valley-based Fenox Venture Capital, specialising in early stage and final round investment on the internet. ( Software development as well as retail). Managed to raise ¥ 2 billion from its LP, Fenox Global Group (up to ¥ 1000 billion). In 2012, Completed its 2nd LP fund for Japanese Corporations and is now on its 3rd mission. A former business leader of IBM and Cadence Management Teams. Highly experienced in M&A deals in the retail and technological sectors. Gained a B,eng.dgre from Tokyo Institute of Technology followed by an M.S. in Engineering from Oklahoma State University. Published more than 30 technical papers and is author of the “Start-up Bible – The Silicon Valley Way of Developing Success”. Participated in over 100 internationalconferences, workshops and seminars.


Yuji Akaba – Non Management Director

Born in Yamaguchi. Joined Komatsu Ltd. after finishing Tokyo University. Also enrolled in Stanford University, then set up business in Korea for McKinsey & Company to support ‘Zaibatsu’ management. Also provided support to the Government during the financial crisis. Since left McKinsey, has been supporting a number of start-ups via his Break through Partners as well as working with ZUU Co., Ltd.


Tetsuya Sano – Non-Executive Internal Auditor

Joined Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC in 1992. After experiencing various roles including statutory audit, listed preparation assistance and working in the NY office, supported M&A deals in the Corporate Finance in Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Financial Advisory (DTFA). Raised funds for Freebit in 2000 taking a role of the director CFO. Dealt with capital policy and budget control while managing the recruitment department and the corporate planning department . Raised over ¥ 2 billion from large companies such as VCs, securities firms and mega banks via equity investment. Expert in supporting growing business in various ways. Established Growing Partners Co., Ltd in 2005 offering service including M&A Advisory and financial accounting consulting for listed companies


Takeshi Natsuno – Advisor

Joined Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd in April 1988. Left Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania in 1995. While developing network with other companies, conceptualized and conducted new projects including ‘i-mode’ and ‘Osaifu Keitai’ for NTT where he worked from 1997 to 2008. Since then, he has taken a multiple roles including a Professor of Keio University Eminent, directors of NTT Resonant Inc., Dwango, Transcosmos inc, Pia, Sega Sammy Holdings and GREE, Inc. as well as ZUU’s advisor since 2014.

Jiro Suzuki – Advisor

Joined Mitsubishi Bank in 1989 a year after leaving Wharton School of Business University of Pennsylvania in 1995. Commenced working with A.T. Kearney. Provided advice and guidelines to the Government of Malaysia as the Senior Manager of Multimedia Development Corp(Govt Co). Appointed as the Senior Vice President of Malaysia Venture Capital Management (Govt Co) in 2001. 2002, funded an IT focused financial venture where he as a manging director and conducted the ICT focused financial loan project for the first time in Asia. Managed US$ 420 million ICT Fund with more than 60 companies in the portfolio. Left the firm in 2005 to start a Joint venture with YABhg Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad. M&M Consolidated Resources. Taken role of the Director of the Board of Singapore Stock Exchange and other Malaysian Government corporations. Also conceptualized and established high end Japanese Bakery and Café business, ‘The Loaf’, known as the best bakery brand in Malaysia. In September 2015, joined ZUU Co., Ltd as a advisor.